English Trail at ISM – why the English course is so special!

The International School of Management (ISM) is one of the few universities in Germany that offers an International Management course in English. This programme prepares students for a future professional career in international business. The essential criteria for success, such as small learning groups and high quality standards, are plain for all to see – as there are only 14 students on the course.

To provide you with a glimpse of the course and the exciting opportunities on offer, I decided to interview my fellow student Jonathan Immel. He was quick to explain why the course in English is so special and the advantages he hopes to gain from it.

Jonathan, why did you decide to enrol on an English language course?

The English Trail was the main reason why I chose to study at ISM. I completed the International Baccalaureate at a boarding school in the UK and realised just how important it is to be able to communicate in English. Being able to use the language on a daily basis and the opportunity to improve my English skills were a top priority. The English language course ensures I learn important business vocabulary for my future career. No other university offers International Management on this scale.

Do you hope to gain certain advantages from the English language course? If so, which ones?

I believe the course will make it easier for me to find an internship abroad. Studying in English is obviously also a major advantage if you wish to work in an international company. In my view, the international focus of this course additionally allows you to build up an international network of friends and fellow students.

Do you already have clear plans for the future? For instance, are there international companies where you would like to be an intern?

Yes, there are a number and I have already secured an internship in the UK this summer. It is with a consulting company whose main operations focus on Germany and the UK. Obviously, a bit of luck is also helpful, but I think my bilingual education gives me a real competitive advantage.

How important are the small learning groups?

I am fully convinced that small learning groups are a fantastic idea. It provides you with the opportunity and ability to interact closely with the tutors throughout. They are also able to assist better should any problems arise. Moreover, there is a greater incentive to actively engage.

Do you feel in any way excluded from the German language programmes?

We have the opportunity to partake in all of the events. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult for the English language students, as the majority of company presentations and other activities are held in German. I would prefer to see more presentations being given in English.

What is so special about the English Trail?

The chance to work with students from around the world is unique. But from a personal perspective the most important thing is that the tutors have an international background and are very experienced. The knowledge and skills gained from international assignments gives them an intuitive sense of what the students really need.

Author: Paulina Riedel