Stock Exchange working group – new at ISM Frankfurt/Main

“I was quite surprised that especially in Frankfurt/Main, home to Germany’s largest stock exchange, there wasn’t an ISM working group giving business students an insight into its fundamental principles and how it operates,” says ISM student Albrecht Müller, who decided to do something about this situation. He introduced the idea of a working group to like-minded students in the summer semester of 2015 and, without further ado, founded the Stock Exchange working group at the ISM campus in Frankfurt/Main.

The aim of the working group is to give students the opportunity to put the theoretical knowledge gained during lectures into practice. The idea to set up a new working group was well received from the start. Roughly thirty students from the bachelor’s and master’s programmes and from the part-time course B.A. Business Administration have come together to realise the project.

The Stock Exchange working group gives students the chance to develop, enhance and apply the skills learned during lectures. The financial symposium, which was held at ISM for the first time in April 2015, was actually organised by the Stock Exchange working group. The team planned the event in close cooperation with the Head of Campus Prof. Dr. Ernst Fahling. The ISM professor Dr. Diethard B. Simmert helped the working group invite a number of speakers to the event. The first financial symposium proved a huge success and attracted well in excess of 80 guests and renowned speakers, such as Dr. Joachim Nagel, Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank.

Discussions are ongoing for further workshops in which students of all years will have the opportunity to debate financial topics. Excursions, for instance to the Frankfurt stock exchange, are also planned. Additionally, the members of the working group will be able to partake in an introductory course on stock trading.

Author: Anja Klein