What’s up in Dortmund?

Studying in Dortmund! This might not sound like the best idea in the world to many people, as Dortmund is not really regarded as one of the most attractive university towns. The other ISM campuses seem much more appealing to students due to their location in diverse and vibrant cities. But Dortmund is not without its fair share of attractions. Whether you are looking for shopping, dining or recreation, it is all right here – in a city that never stands still.

Dortmund’s large city centre boasts the “Thier-Galerie”, a newly constructed shopping centre, offering everything you want and more than you expect. A further highlight is the “Dortmunder U”, a centre for art and creativity. It hosts numerous exhibitions, e.g. by Borussia Dortmund or students from the Technical University (TU). Furthermore, “Emil” invites you to enjoy a stylish modern dining experience, while “Moog” and “View” are the place to celebrate all night long.

Range of cultural events

For die-hard football fans, the advantages of having Borussia Dortmund ‘right on your doorstep’ are plain to see. Home games are a not-to-be-missed experience because, win or lose, the “REAL LOVE!” between BVB fans and their club is genuine and true. Dortmund also plays host to many of the largest music festivals in Germany. These include, for example, “Juicy Beats”, headlined this year by the popular German hip-hop group FETTES BROT, and the “MAYDAY” festival, an unmissable event for fans of electronic music. Open air concerts, gigs in the Westfalenhallen or festivals in the city’s parks: the diversity of the music on offer, the fun and enjoyment had by all, and the unique experience are ‘top of the tree’.

Despite its size, you can still get from one spot to the next pretty quickly in Dortmund, as the city has an excellent underground and suburban train network. Thanks to the “Öffler app”, it is also easy for new residents to find their way around town. Obviously, there are a lot of young people – after leaving their parents homes to go to university – on the look-out for a suitable small flat or shared accommodation. Luckily, Dortmund delivers a range of housing options to meet these needs. There are a number of halls of residence close to the TU, and private landlords and letting agents advertise rental properties in and around the city.

It never gets boring

Another advantage of studying in Dortmund is ISM itself. And with Dortmund being the largest of the five ISM campuses, there is always a lot going on here. Thanks to everyday university life and annual events, such as the ALEX Day the ISM Symposium and the Summer Festival, boring is not a word that can be used to describe ISM Dortmund. All that is left to say is that as a ‘newcomer’ in a large city like Dortmund there are lots of new and interesting things to discover every day and you will be warmly welcomed by the people of the Ruhr Region. You would be hard-pressed to find a better place to study than Dortmund!

Author: Carolin Lehrter