In Focus: Hamburg Aviation Conference 2016

Disruption is the new normal, and innovation, customer focus and personalisation are the answers. 150 CEOs and top managers from airports, airlines, rail, retail, technology suppliers and universities are expected to think out of the box and discuss how to deal with these hot topics at the Hamburg Aviation Conference from 10th to 11th February 2016. ISM-Professor Dr. Eyden Samunderu is also attending the conference. In this interview, he explains more about the annual event and tells why ISM-Students and Alumni should take their chance and take part.

What is the Aviation Conference in Hamburg about?
The conference is an annual event that brings leading industry practitioners and academics together to discuss key topics related to air transport. Every year different themes are presented and discussed through panels focusing on developing business solutions that underline the aviation industry. This ranges from business models, customer relationship, revenue and ancillary streams, marketing and digital innovation, just to name a few.

Why is the Conference a must see?
It is a “think tank” that has made significant contribution to understanding the aviation industry dynamics. It’s a perfect launch pad for networking too!

Why should ISM-Students and ISM-Alumni attend?
Ideally students in the 6th semester or Masters level can attend. There are limited places for students because it´s not a student conference but rather a line- up of leading experts in the field of business. It is a fundamental “eye opener” for students willing to expand their horizons in understanding international business.

What is your function there?
I am on the Advisory Board and I am also chairing a panel discussion on customer loyalty, ancillary revenue streams

How can ISM Students get tickets?
Students of the ISM can also contact me directly via Mail.