Italian fashion-student provided with ISM-scholarship

Back to Germany: Barbara Tritarelli comes from Italy and has already spent an Erasmus semester in Germany. For her master’s degree M.A. in Luxury, Fashion & Sales Management she will return to Munich at the start of the winter semester. The ISM provided her and a select number of international applicants with a scholarship for her study. In an interview she tells us, why the scholarship is important for her and what she expects from studying at ISM.

Unbenannt-1Ms. Tritarelli, where exactly do you come from and why do you wish to study in Germany?

I come from central Italy. Exactly from Esanatoglia, a small village of 2.000 inhabitants in the region of Marche. Yes, the region affected by the earthquake in August and October, if you heard about it! As you can see, it destroyed our houses and everyday lives, but not our desire to live and pursue our dreams. I studied foreign languages and cultures with a business curriculum at the University of Urbino, where I graduated in November with distinction.

I spent one semester studying in Germany two years ago with the Erasmus program and afterwards I understood that I really wanted to be back there to live. The main reasons that pushed me to take this decision are that by studying in English, but living in Germany, I will have the opportunity to improve my skills in both languages, which I have already studied. This is something I will never be able to do here in Italy, where the university system is very different and there are not all these opportunities or such specific fashion master’s programs. Moreover, I would like to work in Germany, as I consider it a place where the workforce is rewarded for merit and has more chances to move up the career ladder. Apart from the career side of it, I consider Germany perfect for me: your lifestyle and mindset differ a lot from the Italian one, even though we are so close geographically.

Why did you choose the ISM and this specific course of studies?Unbenannt-5

I am international-oriented and was fascinated when I saw this ISM course’s program: it is full of subjects I can’t wait to deepen and study. However, it is not just about the program content. I am very interested in this university, as I would have the chance to study a semester abroad –which I think is always an educational and life experience- and to do an internship in the sector so as to have hands-on experience or even to get a double degree, which would be a competitive advantage. Your offer involves everything a student can ask for, providing a 360° specific education in the matter of Fashion and Luxury sales and management.

Do you already know the German language and what do you expect from your time here?

I studied German for almost six years, but I decided to continue my studies in English, so as to improve my skills in both languages at the same time. Therefore, I think that the language wouldn’t be a problem for me. I have already been in Munich as well, with one of the study trips organized by my high school.

I usually expect nothing from new experiences, since I think it is a good way not to get disappointed and a chance to start a new life/experience with the eyes of a baby who sees everything for the first time. However, I hope I will find a nice environment both in the city and at university, to get a high-level preparation for my future career and learn a lot about the fashion world and industry. These are my biggest aims, but obviously I would like to have the chance to travel and discover Germany between studying and working.

Unbenannt-jhjWhat why is the scholarship important to you?

I consider this scholarship necessary, as it would allow me to fully focus on my studies and have the chance to start and end my path at ISM in the best and most productive way possible, as I am not coming to study there just to get another degree, but to become a valuable, competitive and competent asset for fashion companies in Germany as soon as possible. I don’t deny that I will need to work as well to support myself and my new life experience, which is very expensive for me and my family. But I will do my best with what I have!