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Get packing for your internship! How to land your dream job abroad

An internship abroad offers the best opportunity to build strong foundations for your future career, discover a new country and make international contacts. We have put together a few tips to ensure there are no stumbling blocks along the way!


Find out about the guidelines!

For instance, students on bachelor’s programs must complete a minimum ten-week internship abroad – longer internships are also possible! The internship can be completed by ISM students anywhere in the world, but there is one special provision: During an internship abroad, daily contact with a foreign language is part and parcel of the job. Therefore, if you complete an internship in Austria or German-speaking Switzerland, the company language must be English.

Tip: The ISM internship data base offers detailed reports and evaluations from your fellow students that provide inspiration and a first overview!

Purposefully search for the right position!

The best place to look for a job is the ISM career platform JobTeaser. This is where you will also find short-term internships to coincide with the semester dates and the location filter allows you to search specifically for jobs in the desired country. In addition, students can upload their CV to the Talent Bank and let companies discover them. The companies publishing vacancies on JobTeaser are actively looking for ISM students. So having ISM listed in your CV proves to be a big advantage.

Tip: Why not gather information on-site? Your semester abroad is a great opportunity to get in touch with companies and use your cultural knowhow on your internship search!

Talking about CVs – pay attention to international standards!

Applications in the USA and the UK, in particular, differ from those in Germany. They don’t include a photo, for example. To ensure your dream internship does not fall through because of some formal error, the Career Center is more than willing to help with CV checks and application tips!

Author: Laura Krause