How to stay motivated in your studies

Long days of lectures, learning stress, homework, presentations and the upcoming exams, all this is quite exhausting for students and sometimes takes away your motivation.

We are all familiar with listless phases and motivational lows, and each of us has experienced them at least once. But even those are only phases and a low is followed by a high. How fast you regain motivation is your own responsibility.

I have collected a few tips for you on how to best cope with stress and lack of drive.

Start on time. Effective time management is the be-all and end-all of your studies. To avoid frustration and stress, you should start studying and working on tasks as early as possible. This way you avoid time pressure and feel better when all tasks are completed on time.

Studying with my friends Lea and Lynn

Support each other. Together with friends and fellow students, studying is much more fun and you can support and motivate each other. Meet in the park or in a café, quiz each other or go through the contents of your lectures together. This way you will immediately notice where there are still uncertainties or open questions that you can answer directly among yourselves.

Take a break from time to time. From morning to evening everything revolves around the university. It is important to switch off sometimes and clear your head. A day without studying can work wonders and provide you with new energy for the next days. But you shouldn’t forget to take short breaks between the study phases either. Take a short walk or a trip to the city and afterwards you will be fit and motivated again.

Think positively. It sounds simple, but it helps. Just get away from the bad feelings and thoughts that pull you down and tell yourself that “you can do it”. Try to drive away the unpleasantness with positive thoughts and you will see that this will lift your mood a lot. Self-motivation is very important in studying, because you alone are responsible for whether you let yourself down or grit your teeth and continue.


All in all, phases of feeling overwhelmed and lacking motivation are quite normal and can happen from time to time. However, this is no reason to despair or give up. With a little initiative and ambition every student overcomes the listless times and can start the next semester fully motivated.

Author: Mia Klinger